What Could Go Wrong At A Deposition?

Posted on: 19 July 2017

After filing a lawsuit against an insurance company for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, there is a good chance that you will have to attend a deposition. The deposition is an opportunity to clarify statements that have been made about your case. It is also the insurance company's chance to pick apart your case. If you are facing a deposition, avoid these mistakes to keep from harming your case.

Making Odd Facial Expressions

If you are attending a video deposition, you must remember that the video could end up being played in court. Facial expressions that you make could be negatively interpreted by a judge and jury. Some juries might interpret a harmless scratching of the nose or hand placed over the mouth as a sign that you are being dishonest.

Practice your body language with your attorney before the deposition. You must remember to avoid such actions as covering your mouth, slouching, and clutching the table in front of you.  In addition to this, you maintain eye contact with the insurance company's attorneys when you are asked a question. Looking away can appear as shame or deception.

Losing Your Temper

The motorcycle accident likely had a profound impact on your life and haggling with the insurance company can sometimes leave your emotions raw. However, it important that you avoid losing your temper during the deposition. A loss of temper can hurt your credibility and make you appear to be irrational.

Unfortunately, the insurance company's attorneys will likely attempt to goad you into losing your temper. Try to remember to answer the questions and leave emotion out of it. If you need to, take a few seconds after each question is asked to formulate your answer. You can also use the time to calm down.

Talking Too Much

During the deposition, it might be tempting to go into great detail about the motorcycle accident. However, you can potentially say too much. The wrong words could open the door to additional questions that could sink your case.

To prevent this, only answer the question you are being asked. Do not volunteer additional information. If the lawyer needs you to clarify or elaborate, your attorney will help guide you to avoid giving away too much.

Depositions are just one part of a motorcycle accident case. Your attorney and the insurance company's attorneys might use other tools to gather information about the accident and your injuries. Work with your attorney to keep your case on track.

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