Three Myths About Red Light Tickets To Stop Falling For

Posted on: 26 July 2017

One of the most frustrating pieces of mail you can get is a ticket indicating that you have run a red light sometime in the past and need to pay the fine for doing so. Generally, a photo of you running the red light will be included. Here are three myths about this type of ticket that you ought to know the truth behind:

The Picture Automatically Shows Guilt:

Many people, once they receive the red light ticket in the mail simply pay up because they believe that there is no way to fight the ticket at this point. However, this is not the case. Yes, they might have your picture, but it doesn't mean that your case cannot be dismissed. Remember that once you pay the fine, you are admitting guilt, so it's worth it to talk with a traffic violation lawyer to discuss what your options may be for having the case dismissed. 

The Ticket Won't Be on the Driving Record:

Since red light ticket violation fines are generally cheaper than other traffic violation tickets and many people believe that these tickets do not stay on your driving record, they will simply pay and forget about it. However, it's not necessarily true that these tickets do not stay on your driving record. It depends on the state you are in, first of all, since states all have different laws when it comes to traffic violations. Typically, the ticket will not be on your record unless you pay the fine 30 days late, in which case you will probably have to pay more on top of having the violation stay on your record. 

You Are Guilty if You Didn't Come to a Complete Stop:

In many states, you can turn right at a red light, so long as it's clear to do so. However, you still may receive a ticket for running one if you didn't come to a complete stop. But this doesn't always mean that you are guilty. Since you can go through the red light if it was safe, this means that it's actually okay if you don't come to a complete stop because there were no other vehicles. However, at this point, you need to prove that this was the case and it's difficult to do so, so you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you fight the ticket for this. 

When you know these myths revolving red light tickets, you can be sure that you know what you need to do to have it dismissed so that you do not have to continue to pay the fines or have it potentially on your record. Contact a law office, like The Law Offices of Schiro and Zarzynski, for more help.


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