How Much Medical Treatment Should You Get In A Car Accident?

Posted on: 27 July 2017

After a car accident, there is always a lingering question that you will have if you're injured: what kind of treatment is reasonable, and what's overkill? Here is what you should know.

Reasonable Treatment Helps Your Settlement

Insurance for car accidents exists to help you out with your reasonable medical costs. You need to make sure you're okay within a reasonable period after the accident. If you wait to seek out medical treatment, you could actually miss some injuries related to your car accident. Then, the burden of paying for treatment will fall on your own shoulders.

Absolutely seek out the attention of an ER or urgent care doctor. They will do x-rays if they suspect a broken bone. Absolutely get the help of an orthopedic specialist if your injury isn't healing. They are the ones who will recommend MRIs for soft tissue tears and make sure that you don't need surgery. Everyone knows that even a small collision can cause whiplash; you're entitled to chiropractic care to treat your whiplash. And, after that, you might need physical therapy to regain the strength you had before your accident.

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

A good way to protect yourself, and your settlement, is to follow your doctor's advice. An ER doctor or orthopedic specialist might write you a referral for physical therapy. That is a great, fail-proof way to claim that your physical therapy was necessary for treatment. Follow up on the care that your doctors recommend. It shows that you are being conscientious about getting better after your accident.

Document Your Pain and Suffering

Also, think of it this way: your medical bills are the written proof of your injury and its progress. Each doctor's evaluation of your injury will help you further your case that you endured suffering because of your accident.

Use a Lawyer

There is less of a chance that the auto insurance company will try to cheat you out of medical care if you have a car accident attorney working on your case with you. Since these lawyers know the ins and outs of working with auto insurance companies, they will not be fooled into accepting a low settlement on your behalf. It's a game of hardball in many cases, and if you don't think you will be assertive enough to speak up for yourself, then absolutely get a law firm like Alexander Law Firm to handle this matter for you.


Presenting Your Case

After I was involved in a serious car accident, I knew that there had to be something I could do to prove my case. I was being sued by the other drivers for causing the accident, when I knew that I wasn't at fault. Instead of laying down and paying the money that I knew I didn't owe, I decided to work with a personal injury attorney to present my case. My lawyer did everything they could to prove my innocence, and when I was vindicated a few months later, it was an amazing feeling. This blog is all about presenting your case with the help of an attorney.


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