Should You Choose Massage Or Acupuncture For Motorcycle Whiplash Injuries?

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Whiplash injuries occur when your neck moves backward and forwards too quickly, causing the ligaments and muscles of the neck to stretch beyond their usual limits.  In some cases, the vertebrae and nerves of the neck and back can be damaged, causing major pain issues.  If you hurt your neck while in a motorcycle accident, people might recommend that you get either massage therapy or acupuncture. But how do you know which treatment to choose?

Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese medical practice that involves inserting small needles into key points of the body to increase circulation and release energy.  Scientists aren't exactly sure how acupuncture works, but it has been practiced for thousands of years.  Massage acts by breaking up deposits of lactic acid and stress hormones in the body, decreasing stress and allowing for better mobility.  

If you're recovering from whiplash, here are three aspects of your healing journey that could be impacted by massage or acupuncture.  This list should help you decide whether acupuncture or massage is for you:

Blood Flow

One of the benefits of acupuncture is that it is said to increase blood flow to injured areas, decreasing recovery times.  However, full body massages increase blood flow through the entire body, removing blockages in the muscles to allow for better circulation.  Massage therapists can target the injured area while increasing the circulation of your whole body, speeding recovery along.  This opening up of circulation through a massage can also help to prevent the headaches that come along with whiplash.

Scar Tissue

When you've suffered damage to your muscles and ligaments, scar tissue can be left behind.  Scar tissue causes pain and a lack of mobility. It can even contribute to reinjury.  Deep tissue massage is one of the best ways to break up scar tissue in your muscles and connective tissue.  

Knot Release

Holding tension in your neck from the injury can affect all of your body.  As a result of injury, you may hold extra strain on your shoulders or back, resulting in knots and pain in the rest of your body.  An acupuncture method called cupping can attack individual knots, but a massage is the quickest and most effective way to get full body relief at once.  While an acupuncture therapist will focus on one knot at a time, your massage therapist will be moving across your body, so the procedure will be less intense and painful.  

You actually may not need to choose between these two therapies. Get yourself a good motorcycle accident attorney who can set you up with a chiropractor. Many chiropractors recommend both treatments for motorcycle whiplash; acupuncture relieves pain, while massage loosens muscles up for chiropractic treatment. It should all be covered by a medical lien as long as you have a motorcycle accident attorney.


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