Three Keys To Finding Witnesses After An Assault At A Bar

Posted on: 10 November 2018

If you've been a victim of an assault at a bar, you might be in a hurry to leave that environment as quickly as possible. Doing so is understandable, but you'll want to stick around long enough to gather up some witnesses. If the police have already been involved, they'll have likely talked to some witnesses, too. However, if you think that you might soon talk to a personal injury attorney and file a suit against your attacker, and perhaps even the bar itself, you'll want witnesses on your side. Getting their names and phone numbers now will be much easier than trying to track them down later. Here are three keys to finding reliable witnesses to your bar assault.

Evaluate Their Sobriety

When you're talking to people who say that they saw the assault take place, try to assess their sobriety. If someone is obvious inebriated — perhaps struggling to stand and slurring his or her words — this person will make a poor witness. Should your case move forward, an attorney for the defendant would likely be able to discredit this witness by suggesting he or she was too drunk to remember the scene accurately. Those who are able to communicate clearly will be your best witnesses.

Look For Those Who Weren't Involved

It's also ideal if you can gather some witnesses who aren't involved in the scuffle, although it's fine if they took part in breaking it up. You don't necessarily want someone who came to your defense and attempted to assault the aggressor, as this person may again be easy to discredit. The defendant's attorney could suggest that this person was too busy being aggressive with the defendant to accurately assess what was going on. Those who saw the incident take place but weren't involved will be helpful to you.

Don't Just Rely On Your Friends

If you were at the establishment with some friends, it's likely that they'll agree to serve as witnesses in your case because they're keen to help you in your difficult situation. You shouldn't solely rely on friends, however, as the defendant's attorney might suggest that you've worked with them to fabricate a story, thus making them unreliable. It's important, when possible, to also recruit some witnesses whom you don't know. Such individuals don't have an agenda and will thus do a good job of relaying details about the scene in an impartial manner.


Presenting Your Case

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