Slipped On The Ice? 3 Tips To Build Your Slip And Fall Case

Posted on: 12 February 2019

From walking through your neighborhood to entering or exiting a driveway or shopping center, navigating slippery and frozen surfaces can be dangerous. Slipping and falling onto a snowy or icy surface can lead to sprains, fractures, and even brain injuries if you hit your head. These injuries not only affect your physical well-being but also your emotional wellness and finances if you lose time at work. Thankfully, you can file a claim for compensation after a slip and fall accident. This guide will help you build your slip and fall case.

Find Who Is Negligent

If you are going to start a case to receive compensation for your injuries and medical expenses, you need to find proof of negligence. This can be tricky, especially if you slip and fall on property that you are not familiar with.

If you have fallen on property that belongs to a homeowner, you will need to prove that the homeowners were responsible for your injuries. The homeowner may be held accountable if they did not remove the snow or ice from the sidewalk or walkway at their home.

If you fell in the parking lot or on the sidewalk of a store or other establishment, you will need to provide your attorney with the name of the establishment to determine who is the owner and who is responsible for the removal of snow and ice.

Provide Proof of Dangerous Conditions

After you have fallen, it is helpful to take photos of the scene. These photos can be used to prove your case that the area was dangerous at the time of your fall.

Other ways to show proof of the dangerous conditions is to talk to witnesses. Gather information, such as their phone number or email, from any bystanders who saw you fall. These witnesses may be contacted by your lawyer once a case is started.

Show Medical Documents

Finally, you will need to prove that slipping and falling has caused injuries that are painful, stressful, and affecting your mobility and quality of life. When you first consult your attorney about filing a slip and fall case, they will ask for proof of your injuries, which can be provided by medical records.

Make sure to ask your doctor for a copy of the initial visit after the slip and fall injury occurred. Any x-rays and scans of your injury should be included in your medical records, too. If you are taking new medications, seeing a counselor, or participating in physical therapy because of the accident, provide proof of these visits and the expenses associated with all of your medical care. 

For more information, contact a local slip and fall injury attorney


Presenting Your Case

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