Are You Afraid That A Dog Bite Case Will Affect Your Friendship With The Neighbor? 3 Tips To Handle It With Ease

Posted on: 27 November 2019

Living in close proximity to dogs raises your risk of experiencing a bite, and it is common for people to find that they are suddenly on the receiving end of a painful bite from a dog that they know well. After a dog bite, you may be left with a serious injury that requires costly medical care or that even leaves you disfigured. In severe cases, you may have even lost the ability to do things such as move your fingers properly if it happened on your hand. While you may not want to take your neighbor to court, you do have to take care of yourself and your future. Things may be sticky around your neighborhood until the case is settled, but you can use these tips to work with a dog bite lawyer so that you can preserve your relationship.

Avoid DIY Lawyering 

People sometimes think that a dog bite case is fairly cut and dry. After all, you've got evidence of the bite. However, these cases can sometimes get ugly. Your neighbor may never be able to get over you pointing your finger at them in court, whereas having a lawyer handle the case makes it feel less personal. You should also be aware that your neighbor could surprise you by saying that the dog bite was the result of your actions such as playing roughly with the dog. Having your dog bite attorney handle the situation means that you'll be covered if things take an unexpected turn, and you can help your neighbor see that you aren't trying to personally attack their ability to control their dog.

Stick to the Facts

You also want to stick to the facts that surround the case. In a dog bite case, the primary concern that a judge will have is how and why it might have happened. Sharing details about your neighbor's personality or your opinion on how they care for their dog is not going to be helpful. While it is okay to say something such as that they let their dog run outside off-leash, you want to keep it factual.

Minimize Discussions About the Case

Good neighbors enjoy having a chat now and then, but this is one area where it is best to remain close-lipped. Try not to talk to other people in the neighborhood about the case because it could cause your neighbor to feel like you are gossiping. You may also not want them to know everything that you and your lawyer discuss. If they ask about your upcoming court date, simply change the subject and say you'd like to talk about other topics. This way, your case stays with the lawyers.

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