3 Behaviors To Avoid During Lawyer-Insurer Settlement Negotiations

Posted on: 17 February 2021

Accident lawyers caution clients to be careful about several matters that could harm the case. Following those guidelines is imperative because certain behaviors can lead to a low settlement offer or outright denial of the claim. Injured persons waiting for a settlement offer should refrain from physical activities that make it seem their injury is not that serious. They must go to all scheduled medical appointments and not cancel these visits. They also should limit their activity on social media.

Physical Activities

While the lawyer is negotiating with the insurer, the client must avoid any physical activity that could indicate the injury is not serious. When insurance companies are skeptical of claims, they may have an investigator watching for this behavior.

For example, a person who has claimed a back injury should not be climbing a ladder or carrying heavy items. An investigator might take pictures or shoot video of this individual playing basketball in the driveway with the kids. Claims adjusters may doubt the client's truthfulness if the person is seen engaging in even moderate activity such as golfing with a cart, playing doubles tennis or hiking on a trail. Legal cases can be hurt by these kinds of activities.

Medical Appointment Noncompliance

As an injured person begins feeling better, they might decide to skip medical appointments. Another common issue is lack of compliance with physical therapy. Patients may find the program too difficult or believe it's not really helping. If the insurer finds out about missed appointments, the adjusters might stop negotiating or could deny the claim.

Social Media Usage

Claims adjusters or investigators will look for all the claimant's social media accounts and carefully consider what is being posted. Even when privacy settings are strict, investigators may still be able to find posts, photos, and other activity.

A related issue is the importance of not discussing the case with other people, particularly casual acquaintances. It may be tempting to do this on social media, especially when the individual feels frustrated and upset. Chatting in online messenger apps, which have the illusion of complete privacy, can create significant problems. 

Insurance companies naturally try to pay as little as they deem reasonable in settlements. Accident lawyers know how clients should behave for positive results in the case. Following the lawyer's advice is crucial to achieve a level of financial compensation that the client deserves.

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